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Rickson Academy Avatar Rickson Academy posted

How do you control your opponent’s movement?

One of the dearest concepts to Master Rickson Gracie is that of connection. It’s an element of fighting that is as important as it is imperceptible, and that is present in all positions — from the takedown to the guard, from side control to the mount. In each training session, you and your opponent will be in connection; but it’s necessary to understand and be alert to the concept in order to better develop it. 

Connection in jiu-jitsu is not the grip, or the contact with the opponent. Connection is something deeper than that. When you truly connect, you control your opponent’s movement. 

“I feel connected to my opponent when I’m in base and use my balance to cancel and capitalize on their moves,” Rickson says. “Connection is the energy that makes us grab the opponent, when they want to move back but can’t. If they keep up the pressure, they will be launched with their back to the ground, because that’s where their force leads. The same happens if I’m connected and they try to push me. Their force will be used against them, in a forward takedown.”

Think about connection as if two individuals were exchanging energy to the point of fusing into a single organism. The energies are in conflict, but it’s mandatory for your connection to prevail and be the stronger one, so you can lead both where you want. 

Rickson teaches: “In each position, there are multiple ways to connect and take control of the fight. Use the connection so your physical structure prevails and you control the opponent. The secret to evolving is to strive to be connected one hundred percent of the time as you train.”
Rickson Academy Avatar Rickson Academy posted

Learn this today to never again find yourself with your back flat on the ground

One of the greatest challenges for a beginner in BJJ is avoiding getting squeezed. After all, how can one stay levelheaded and in a comfortable position when there's a stronger, more experienced opponent trying to keep them flush with the ground?

Rickson Gracie has the solution, and it's as simple as a well-placed foot. Learn to be well connected with the ground, at the adequate angle for defending, and avoid getting squeezed from now on.
Rickson Academy Avatar Rickson Academy posted

Slap in the face? Connect to defend it

Self-defense, the basis and origin of Jiu-Jitsu, exists to protect people from a wide variety of aggressions -- from a kick by a professional to a simple slap thrown in a moment of tension. 
In this part of Rickson Gracie’s special class about slap defense, note how the master depends on his connection with the aggressor to maintain his balance, and only then does he choose how to put an end to the situation. All without going home with that unpleasant heat in his cheek that can have so many consequences. 
Watch and enjoy. 

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Maria Corio commented:

Another reason to be Grateful when I’m not forced to wear a mask
Or to remember my breathe is for empowerment so practice being Uncomfortable to be Comfortable is my goal

November 26, 2021 02:28 PM

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Carlos commented:

Luv this 🥊

November 24, 2021 06:20 PM


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